We carry an ever-changing inventory of natural stone for your convenience, but work with all the local slab yards as well to give you the best options for what fits your vision and budget.

What To Expect

Whether you are doing a remodel or a new construction home, doing new countertops should and can be a fun experience! The best way to accomplish that is being familiar with the process and knowing what to expect.

1. The first step in getting new counters for your kitchen or bathroom is getting a measure or cabinet drawing of your countertop area. You can call us to schedule your free estimate or email us your cabinet drawings. Hand drawn plans are fine as long as they give all the information such as counter depth and lengths, front and back, on all counters. Any changes from the drawings to actual cabinets will be noted at the time of template and the price may be adjusted accordingly. This will prepare us for the next step by knowing how much material is needed for when you pick out your stone.

2. This is the fun part, picking out your stone. At this time, you will also pick out an edge detail and any accessories such as sinks, faucets or tile. We will educate you on the different surfaces and help you find what fits your look, budget and lifestyle! All natural stones have inconsistencies that some see as flaws and others see as character. Quartz on the other hand has a more consistent look. When you pick your slab, that will be the exact one going in your house, so have fun and feel confident in what you are choosing.

3. Your salesperson will then give you an estimate based on all of your choices. After approving your estimate, we will set up a time to come and template your cabinets. When we come to template, all cabinets should be in and ready for the countertops, which means they are fully secured, leveled and will not be moved or reconfigured.

4. After your template is done, and any needed revisions are made, you will receive a final price from your salesperson. At this time, you will also pay your deposit, as well as finalize any needed paperwork with your salesperson. Once deposit is received and paperwork is completed, you will be scheduled for installation.

5. Before we come out to install your countertops, make sure either your salesperson or someone at the house will know how many faucet holes must be drilled, what sizes they will need to be and where they should be placed as well as cooktop cutout dimensions. Additional trips to the house can result in an additional trip charge. When we come to install, we recommend removing everything from under the cabinet where the sink and/or cooktop will be to help protect your items from the dust that will be made by any cutouts. We will install the sink, however, we do not connect any water, gas or electrical. Most installation will also require some work in an outdoor area that will cause some dust and debris.

6. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new countertops!